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Self Employed Maternity Leave Income Planner (link to googlesheets in PDF)
  • Self Employed Maternity Leave Income Planner (link to googlesheets in PDF)

    How do you plan for one of the most financially seismic moments of your life?


    Overwhelmed and wondering where you even begin when it comes to planning your maternity income?


    Step one: get organised and crunch those numbers!


    We have created this resource to make the whole process less daunting and to help you understand what your maternity income will look like. 


    Our digital planner will help you breakdown ALL the costs associated with your new baby and it will help you accurately forecast your maternity leave income. 


    PLUS our guide also features useful prompts around:


    - KIT days
    - Pay rises 
    - Child benefit ..... and loads more! 


    To make sure you are forecasting as accurately as possible. 

    The information provided is relevant to UK pregnancies.


    There are two ways to use the Employed Maternity Leave Income Planner:


    Option 1: Printable Version (Manual)

    This planner likely comes in a printable format as well. If you prefer working with a physical copy, you can print the planner and fill it out by hand.


    Option 2: Google Sheets - (link to googlesheets in PDF)

    This guide walks you through using the digital version in Google Sheets. This version offers the benefit of automatic calculations, making it easier to track your total income and expenses.


    Whichever method you choose, the planner will help you gain valuable insight into your finances during maternity leave.

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