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Masterclass: Parental leave for high earners

Masterclass: Parental leave for high earners

If you’re used to making a high wage, the sudden drop to maternity/paternity pay can be rough as your costs remain high.  


PLUS! There’s the added stress that you won’t be eligible for child benefit and/or some of the childcare benefits.   


We’ve teamed up with financial coach Philly Ponniah to deliver a masterclass tackling how to financially plan for a baby, tips & tricks to access childcare funding if you’re over the threshold, how to protect your pension & loads more!


Philly is a Chartered Wealth Manager and financial coach, passionate about helping women improve their relationship with money.


This masterclass will teach you...  


-How to budget for maternity leave when you're used to a higher salary 

-How to plan your money with your partner 

-What to look out for when you earn around 100k re-funded hours and tax free childcare  

-How to apply for tax free childcare and funded hours 

-What to do to protect your pension

-Estate planning once you have a baby

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