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Masterclass - Maternity Pay: The Basics
  • Masterclass - Maternity Pay: The Basics

    Have you just found out you’re pregnant?


    Nearly ready to pop but still can’t get your head around maternity pay?


    Or are you an organised sally who wants to get clued up on mat pay before trying for a baby?


    This is the class for you. 


    We will be taking you through, step by step, what you have to get sorted for maternity pay.


    ✅ How and when to tell your manager

    ✅ Questions you need answered by your manager

    ✅ Tips and trick to increase your maternity pay

    ✅ Ideas on how to effectively use your holiday to extend your leave

    ✅ What to do if you think your maternity pay is wrong

    ✅ Pregnancy & Maternity discrimination - what behaviour is unacceptable and how to deal with it


    PLUS: Free download! Checklist of things to clarify with your manager before going on leave

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