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Masterclass: Financial planning for a baby
  • Masterclass: Financial planning for a baby

    Nugget Savings has launched a masterclass on how to financially prepare for a baby with Philly Ponniah Chartered FCSI 💥. 

    In an hour-long session we will be exploring:

    💰 How to prepare financially for having a baby?
    ❓ How much does mat leave actually cost? ❓ - This will include saving before the baby comes, and having a joint spending plan once on maternity leave. 
    🗣 Conversation prompts for you and your partner before the baby comes 🗣- this includes values, spending, expectations and contributions
    🔎 What to look for in your policy 🔍
    ❓ What to consider asking your employer ❓
    💸 How you can make additional money on your leave 💸

    You will also have access to the resources: Self Employed Maternity Income Planner & Employed Maternity Income Planner. 


    This is a recording and will be sent to you via email. 

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