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Baby Planning Masterclass
  • Baby Planning Masterclass

    Planning for a baby is so exciting, but the financial side of things can be very daunting - particularly in a cost of living crisis. Our one-hour masterclass will give you the tools to plan for your new baby and feel more confident about the money side of things, so you can concentrate on the more fun part of being a new parent!


    Ellie-Austin, author of 'Money Talks' and financial wellbeing expert has just had a baby, so is perfectly placed to share her wisdom for budgeting and saving for a baby - as well as hot tips on what baby products are *actually* worth it.


    Katie & Harriet from Nugget Savings share all their knowledge about parental leave pay with tips and tricks on how to increase your pay (and extend your leave!).


    This masterclass will teach you...


    - Before the baby: conversations you need to have

    - How to plan your baby budget 

    - The cost of fertility treatment & things to think about

    - Baby essentials & how to save

    - How to find out what you will be paid on parental leave

    - How to increase your parental leave pay

    - What to do if your pay is wrong

    - Other benefits you may be entitled to as a new parent

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