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Nugget Approved Baby Products

It can be overwhelming working out what products are essential for your pregnancy and baby, especially as there's so much to choose from, lots of opinions and lots of conflicting advice!

We asked the Nugget Savings community what their number ONE product was through pregnancy and then maternity to give you the ultimate essentials list. These are products that the community couldn't live without. Tried, tested, and approved by you.

The number 1 most popular pregnancy product 🥁 was the Bbhugme pregnancy pillow - noted for its comfort and support.

The number 1 most popular baby product 🥁 was Frida mom products, with special shout-outs to their disposable underwear, peri bottles and boy shorts.

There were SO many other brilliant suggestions:


  1. Haakaa Breast Pump - Frequently mentioned for its ease of use and effectiveness in catching letdown.

  2. Elvie Breast Pump - Noted for its discreet and wireless pumping capability.

  3. Nuby Rapid Cool - Praised for its ability to cool bottles quickly, very convenient for on-the-go feeding.

  4. Breastfeeding Accessories - Including nipple creams, breast pads, and compresses to support breastfeeding.

  5. Tommee Tippee Prep Machine - Often cited for its time-saving convenience in making formula.

  6. Hakaa Silicone Pump - Another breast pump that is well-liked for its simplicity and effectiveness.

  7. Freerider Sling - Noted for breastfeeding support and convenience.

  8. Love to Dream Swaddle - Mentioned for helping in easier, more effective breastfeeding positioning.

  9. Frida Mom Breast Care - Various products for breast care during breastfeeding.

  10. Multimam Compresses - For soothing sore nipples associated with breastfeeding.

Baby Care:

  1. Baby Carriers/Slings - Including brands like Baby Bjorn, Ergo Baby, and Freerider.

  2. Zip Sleepsuits - For their ease during diaper changes, especially at night.

  3. UV Sterilizer - For sterilizing baby products efficiently.

  4. Baby Bouncer (e.g., Baby Bjorn bouncer) - For securing and comforting the baby.

  5. Tripp Trapp High Chair - Popular for its long-term use from infant to toddler stages.

  6. Baby Sleepsuits with Two Way Zips - Mentioned for their practicality.

  7. Babyzen Yoyo Pram - Noted for its lightweight and easy-to-use design.

  8. Baby Bjorn Mini Carrier - Appreciated for its comfort and ease of use.

  9. Dockatot - For its versatility and comfort for the baby.

  10. Ergo Baby Omni 360 - For its durability and ergonomic design supporting baby's posture.


  1. Frida Mom Products - Various health care products for postpartum care.

  2. Silver Nipple Cups - For healing and protecting nursing nipples.

  3. Peri Bottles - Essential for gentle hygiene post-delivery.

  4. Compression Socks - For reducing swelling and improving circulation.

  5. Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment - For treating and preventing diaper rash.

  6. Pads and Adult Diapers - For managing postpartum bleeding and recovery.

  7. Nipple Creams - Various brands mentioned for soothing sore nipples.

  8. Perineal Spray - For comfort and healing after vaginal deliveries.

  9. Spritz for Bits - Mentioned for its soothing properties for postpartum recovery.

  10. Lansinoh Breast Pads - For managing leaks and maintaining breast health.


  1. Maternity and Nursing Bras - Various styles and brands mentioned for comfort and accessibility.

  2. Stretchy Wraps and Boba Wraps - For fashionably carrying babies.

  3. Maternity Jeans - Various brands mentioned for their comfort and style.

  4. Disposable Underwear and Boy Shorts - For post-delivery comfort.

  5. Seraphine Maternity - High-quality maternity wear noted for its style and comfort.

  6. Maternity Leggings - Various brands for comfort and flexibility.

  7. Maternity PJs - Mentioned for their comfort and functionality.

  8. Asos Maternity Clothes - Popular for trendy and comfortable options.

  9. H&M Maternity Jeans - Noted for affordability and comfort.

  10. Lovall Leggings - Praised for their fit and comfort during and post-pregnancy.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means I may receive a commission if you click a link and make a purchase. This is at no additional cost to you.

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