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A Guide to Smart Shopping for Your Baby

Deinfluencing: How to beat Social Media Pressure and Shop Smart for Your Baby

Social media has its benefits, we wouldn't have had the opportunity to build such a fantastic community as we have without social media… 

However, there can also be downsides to social media…the algorithm works in ways nobody can understand and it can feel like a never-ending advert for the must-have baby products. 

This is where deinfluencing comes in… 

Shopping basket full of baby products

Here are our top tips, to take off the pressure to buy, buy, buy and slow down.

Every baby is unique with different needs. Don't get caught up in comparing your situation to the picture-perfect online world. Remember, most babies don't care about brand names! What works for one influencer's baby might not be necessary or even suitable for yours. shop smart for baby

Align Purchases with Values and Needs:

Before hitting "buy," take a step back. Identify your spending priorities and values. Don't get swept away by the hype – critically evaluate if a product aligns with your budget and, more importantly, your baby's specific needs.

Let's Be Honest: You Can't Predict Everything:

It's true, you can't anticipate every single item your baby might need before they arrive. There's always a chance you'll be influenced into buying something that turns out to be unnecessary. For example, a sleep soother might seem like a must-have, but you might end up with a champion sleeper who needs no such assistance.

The key is to embrace a certain level of flexibility. Don't feel pressured to buy everything upfront. Start with the essentials and wait to see what your baby actually responds to. Remember, you can always add things later if needed!

Needs vs Wants:

Keep on top of the impulse purchases by creating a list of essential baby items before you start browsing online stores or venturing out to the shops.

Finding the best price you can

Be a savvy shopper and find the best price you can, there are loads of price comparison websites that do the leg work for you, we personally love… 

Basket - this is a great site to save items you want, like the name it is your shopping basket but for all shops. It will also notify you when items are back in stock or when items have been reduced. 

Pricerunner - this is my best friend when it comes to finding the cheapest price for an item, if you input the name of the item you want it will show you all the places you can buy it and show you the cheapest price. 

Secondhand marketplace

Deinfluencing isnt just about saying no to new purchases. Explore the secondhand market! There are SO many second hand marketplaces that offer items at a fraction of the retail price.

In this article you can find our top tips to shop second hand

Utilise your network

Tap into your existing community (friends, family)Don't hesitate to ask if they have got any hand-me-downs, or items they won't use until the next baby comes along. In my friendship group one baby bouncer is doing the rounds, it has now been in the hands of 4 new parents soon to be its 5th. 

You don't need a whole new wardrobe to nail the pregnancy

One area we know which is hard to manage is the maternity wardrobe, as you grow your baby some clothes may not fit. Focus on versatile pieces that can be easily mixed and matched to accommodate your changing body. Remember, comfort and practicality are key! While treating yourself occasionally is perfectly fine, prioritise needs over fleeting trends.

By incorporating these deinfluencing tips into your routine, you can empower yourself to navigate the online world with confidence, make informed choices that suit your family's unique needs. And remember everyone is different, there is no judgement what you choose to spend your money on, hopefully this has helped you when it comes to feeling pressure from social media. 

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