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UK Youth works hand in hand with young people - and the dedicated organisations supporting them - to develop the skills, belief, courage and leadership to build a bright future.


9 Apr 2024

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Education Administration Programs

Enhanced Maternity Policy

Enhanced Maternity Policy

Enhanced Maternity Policy

Enhanced Maternity Policy

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Policy Details

12 weeks full pay, 27 weeks statutory

How long do you have to work at the company to qualify?

1 year

If you decide to cease employment whilst on leave what is the clawback policy?

Employees who do not intend to return to work are only entitled to SMP. Employees who receive EMP are required to sign an agreement prior to receiving it to commit them to return to work or repay the sum in excess of SMP. Employees who don't return to work for at least 6 months following mat leave are required to pay back EMP in excess of SMP. If an employee returns to work for a period of less than 6 months the repayment would be pro-rata for the number of months work.

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