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Robertson (Construction)

We’re one of the largest family-owned construction, infrastructure and support services businesses in the UK. #WeAreTeamRobertson


9 Apr 2024

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Enhanced Maternity Policy

Enhanced Maternity Policy

Enhanced Maternity Policy

Enhanced Maternity Policy

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13 weeks of 100% wage, 6 weeks of 50%, then 20 weeks of government maternity allowance, anything over 39 weeks is unpaid.

How long do you have to work at the company to qualify?

2 continuous years service

If you decide to cease employment whilst on leave what is the clawback policy?

Employees who choose to leave within 6 months of their return to work from maternity leave, or do not return following leave, will be requested to pay back the difference from SMP and CMP in their final salary, or appropriate deductions will be made. This will be agreed in advance of taking leave. In the event that there is no salaryto deduct from, a payment plan will be discussed and agreed in order to recover monies.

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