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Dronamics Global

Imagine you invent a new type of cargo airplane - unmanned, autonomous and cheaper to produce and operate than any aircraft in existence. Imagine it can fit as much cargo as a car can and you can build it in a microfactory wherever its market is. Imagine you can singlehandedly halve the prices of air cargo anywhere in the world and still be profitable. Imagine you can open new trade routes, which previously were thought of as unviable, and accelerate consumption and growth in communities worldwide, practically enabling e-commerce for the Next Billion. Imagine you're at the forefront of a multi-billion-dollar emerging industry that will redefine how the world does business and consumes in the 21st century. Imagine yours is the only company in the world that can make same-day international delivery possible. ... At DRONAMICS, we don't need to imagine it. We live it. We breathe it. And together with some of the best aerospace engineering and logistics experts in the world, we create it. And because what we do is cutting edge (it actually *is* rocket science!), things like updating a website come second to our mission to disrupt aviation. So your only chance to learn more is to get in touch with us at the addresses below. And if you give us your e-mail address here, you will not only get the latest news about our products, but you will also receive our founders' legendary Annual Letter to Investors!


9 Apr 2024

Company Size

Industry Group
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Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing

Statutory Maternity Policy

Statutory Maternity Policy

Statutory Maternity Policy

Statutory Maternity Policy

Nugget Rating
Policy Details

6 weeks 90% average earnings followed by 33 weeks at £172.48 or 90% avg weekly earnings whichever is lower

How long do you have to work at the company to qualify?

41 weeks before due date

If you decide to cease employment whilst on leave what is the clawback policy?

You never have to repay statutory maternity pay

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