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14 Day Challenge: Get Financially Ready for your Maternity Leave

Kick off 2024 by getting your maternity money sorted so you can focus on your impending new arrival!

What is it?

Get financially ready 💸 for maternity leave in 14 days with 14 actionable tasks to make your feel more prepared.


What do I have to do?

Sign up to the challenge 💪 and we'll give you access to the Nugget community, free for one month. In the members area a new challenge will appear everyday, which you can tick off ✅ once complete!


Why should I get involved?

By the end of the challenge you will know where you stand with your KIT days, holiday days, pension, antenatal appointments, returning to work and SO much more. 

PLUS free one month access to the Nugget App, resources and over 700+ parental leave policies 💥


Count me in

Thanks for submitting!

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